4 Best Movies Involving the World Of Gambling

Ocean’s Eleven Ocean’s Eleven is a 2001 Heist movie by Steven Soderbergh . This US film is about a large-scale theft in Las Vegas. Ocean’s Eleven is a remake of Ocean’s 11 (Frankie and his companions) from 1960. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Angie Dickinson played the leading roles in this film, which is also worth seeing. The plot – what is Ocean’s Eleven about? Ocean’s Eleven begins releasing Danny Ocean from prison. After a major theft, Danny had to serve several years and is now allowed to go on parole. But he doesn’t have much to do with probation and plans the next big robbery immediately.

The destination is the Bellagio, one of the most famous casino hotels in the world. The planned robbery is particularly attractive due to the fact that the casino owner Terry-Benedigt is also stashing the income of two other famous casinos in the vault of the Bellagios. If everything goes well, Danny can use his plan to capture the earnings from the Bellagio, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino and the Mirage. Overall, the shrewd thief expects to make a profit of over $ 160 million . However, the way to this great treasure is not easy, because there is a modern safe that is protected with numerous security systems. In addition, the safe is housed in a bunker at a depth of 60 meters. The only way would be to transport the money directly through the casino . First of all, it would be necessary to get the money out of the safe. But Danny has a plan. In prison, the trained crook had plenty of time to think about a suitable team for the robbery. The film shows in a very nice sequence what qualities the different participants have. Danny put together a team of 11 for the robbery. Hence the title of the film. The criminal team consists of his friend Rusty Ryan, the automotive specialists Virgil and Turk Malloy, the pyrotechnician Basher Tarr, the pickpocket Linus Caldwell, the electronics engineer Livingston Dell, the Chinese circus acrobat Yen, the croupier Frank Catton and the experienced casino experts Saul Bloom. But the most important person is still missing: Reuben Tishkoff. The former casino owner is said to finance the coup.

However, this initially rejects. However, when Danny and Rusty explain that the casinos are from Terry Benedict, Tishkoff changes his mind, because with Benedict, the entrepreneur still has an invoice after he took a Las Vegas hotel from him in a not very clean way , The next section of this impressive casino movie is all about preparing for the theft. To do this, the team creates a replica of the vault that is true to the original and that burglars, especially the Acrobat Yen, can practice on. Livingston Dell also manages to hack the Bellagio’s surveillance system. This makes it possible to study the processes in the casino in detail. This is important because the money has to be carried outside through the casino. The grand scheme is almost canceled when Rusty discovers that Tess, Danny’s ex-wife, is Terry Benedict’s girlfriend and heads the huge casino’s picture gallery. Rusty suspects that it is not primarily about the money, but about a personal revenge campaign. Danny admits that when confronted with this charge, but insists that the plan is still good and that everyone involved can get rich. Rusty finally gives in and doesn’t let the plan burst. An important part of the strategy is a big diversion . On the evening of the theft, Rusty calls Terry Benedict and claims that he is being robbed. Benedict believes in a bad joke, but when the robbery can be seen in the surveillance room, he panics. Rusty offers to allow $ 80 million in the vault if the team can take it with him freely. Otherwise, all of the money would be destroyed with incendiary bombs .

Benedict gets involved in it, but calls the police immediately afterwards and has the car with the alleged loot at the airport stopped by his own security guards. However, it turns out that there are only paper slips in the van. In the surveillance center there was a recording that the team had made in the replica of the safe. The burglar team is only on the way to the safe, but disguised as a SWAT team. The casino staff thinks the black uniformed police are called. The robbery succeeds and the burglars can disappear undisturbed by the casino with the entire 160 million. Particularly impressive: Terry Benedict watches unsuspectingly how the supposed police officers are transporting the booty. During the preparations for the robbery, Danny had various contacts with his ex-wife Tess. Benedict had noticed this and in one scene even had Danny beaten up. Since Benedict knows exactly who he is dealing with, he suspects Danny Ocean as the originator of the robbery. In a one-on-one conversation Danny suggests that he could bring all the money back if Benedict waived Tess for it. However, Danny made sure that Tess can watch this conversation. When Tess realizes that Benedict is ready to give her up for the money, she is extremely disappointed.

Tess leaves Benedict and reunites with Danny. There is no perfect happy ending , however, because Danny Ocean is arrested. However, it is not about the robbery, but about a violation of its strict probation requirements. Ocean shouldn’t have traveled to Nevada and therefore has to go to jail again for 6 months. When he was released, Tess and Rusty stood in front of the prison to pick him up. When they drive away together, the last scene shows that the trio is being followed. Terry Benedict hasn’t given up his money yet. If you want to know how to proceed, you should check out the sequels Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen . The actors – who is playing? Ocean’s Eleven is an exceptionally cast casino film. Danny Ocean is played by George Clooney . Brad Pitt plays his friend Rusty Ryan . Linus Caldwell is played by Matt Damon . Julia Roberts plays Tess. The casino owner is portrayed by Andy Garcia . Other well-known actors in this film are Casey Affleck (Virgil Mallo), Elliott Gould (Reuben Tishkoff) and Don Cheadle (Basher Tarr). What role does gambling play in Ocean’s Eleven? Gambling occurs only marginally at Ocean’s Eleven.

Rusty is obviously a good poker player because he reveals a few tricks in a scene known to actors and actresses. But otherwise the casino operation is above all the colorful background for a soberly told story . This creates a nice contrast. In addition, the whole robbery can be seen as a metaphor for a strategic casino game, because despite all the strategy, a lot of luck is required to be successful with the insane plan. Where was Ocean’s Eleven filmed? For casino lovers, the most interesting scenes are of course the ones that are shot in real casinos. A large part of the film shows the original locations, for example in the Bellagio, in the MGM Grand Hotel and in the Mirage.The Bellagio is particularly well represented. This is a very good choice because the legendary big game takes place in Bobby’s Room at this casino hotel. This high roller poker game doesn’t matter in the movie, but any casino fan should know what the big game is. Poker legends like Barry Greenstein, Doyle Brunson and Daniel Negreanu have made this game known far beyond Las Vegas. An interesting detail: All three casinos that appear in the film actually belong together. The MGM-Resorts-International group owns the Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand Hotel. Ocean’s Eleven has its very own look, which is fundamentally different from The Gambler or 21 , for example . Fun Fact: In the film, some stars appear as themselves. This is realistic because Las Vegas has always attracted entertainment stars.

The two world-famous boxers Wladimir Klitschko and Lennox Lewis can be seen . The appearances of these two boxers and various other stars help to give the casino film a particularly realistic atmosphere. Another nice detail that is as funny as it is strange : the acrobat Yen doesn’t speak a word of English in the film, but when he speaks Chinese with the other team members, they understand in or a single question and answer him in English or in German version in German. There is a nice reference to another casino film that we are discussing on this page: Casino operator Terry Benedict is clearly based on Sam “Ace” Rothstein from “Casino” by Martin Scorsese in his appearance and clothing . The casino owner’s villa is also suspiciously similar to the villa that Rothstein owns. At the very beginning of the film there is a nice scene in which Brad Pitt as Rusty Ryan teaches several young women and men how to play poker. The (at least then) popular US actors sit at the table: Topher Grace, Holly Marie Combs, Barry Watson, Shane West and Joshua Jackson . Casino fans have to watch this film because … … Ocean’s Eleven is a great movie, capturing the atmosphere of some of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas excellently. The Bellagio in particular is shown in many great shots. Even if gambling only has a supporting role, Ocean’s Eleven is a real casino film. The story is exciting, the actors are excellent and the film has its own style.

The story is told with very beautiful pictures, so that Ocean’s Eleven is not only a pleasure for real gaming fans. Rounders Rounders is an American poker film from 1998. Directed by John Dahl, the story of a brilliant poker player is told who experiences various adventures while playing illegal games. The plot – what is Rounders about? Mike Mc Dermott is a law student with a special talent for playing poker. His big dream is to take part in the World Series of Poker and become the poker world champion. To make this dream come true, Mike plays at illegal poker tables and uses his entire fortune of $ 30,000. At the table of the Russian gangster Teddy, who has the trustable nickname “KGB”, Mike loses all his money with a full house against a higher full house. As a consequence of this huge loss, Mike decides to stop playing poker, even under pressure from his girlfriend Jo, and to concentrate solely on law school. However, his friend and poker mentor Joey Knish offers him oneEquip bankroll for more games. Mike declines, however, and decides to take a part-time job as a delivery driver in Joey’s company to fund his studies. When Lester “Worm” Murphy is released from prison, the situation also changes for Mike.

Lester is a scammer who has no chance of fairly good poker success. To make matters worse, Lester has large debts from before the time of imprisonment. To help his friend, he introduced him to some of the illegal poker games that he participated in. He reluctantly lets himself be persuaded to play a game. When his girlfriend Jo realizes this, his relationship is affected. Nevertheless, Mike Lester continues to help and lends him $ 2,000 to play at the Chesterfield Club. Lester’s profit, in fact, $ 8,000 cashed in the entire winnings without repaying Mike the borrowed money. Particularly spicy:Lester is in debt to Mike’s name without telling him about it. In a strip club, Lester meets Grama, an old acquaintance who now works as a pimp. He happens to drive that Grama has bought up his debts and is now due with interest including 25,000 euros. Lester does not want to pay, but then learns that Grama belongs to the KGB. In an argument, Grama finally takes the $ 10,000 that Lester has with him. He also set him the deadline by which to pay the remaining $ 15,000. Meanwhile , Jo ends her relationship with Mike because she believes her boyfriend has forgotten his good intentions and wants to go back to the poker table permanently. Petra, a waitress at the Chesterfield Club, reveals to Mike that Lester was in debt in his name. In the meantime, Lester has accumulated debts of 6,000 euros in the club .

A short time later, Mike learns that Lester has an additional 15,000 euros in debt to Grama. Even though his friend cheated on him, he goes to Grama with him to negotiate a deal. At first, it looks like Grama is going to get paid in installments . But when Mike starts to speak badly about Lester to convince Grama, he freaks out, causing Grama to give him an ultimatum: “Worm” has to pay the full $ 15,000 within 5 days. Mike decides to win the money at the poker table. The plan is simple: As a clientele, Lester should find out which tables in New York are particularly attractive for an above-average poker player. Mike, however, insists on playing by the rules and winning based solely on his superior skills. Lester would prefer to cheat with his friend. But Mike doesn’t agree to that. Mike managed to win a total of $ 7,200 within three days. However, he only has 48 hours to increase this amount to 15,000 euros. Although Mike is getting closer and closer to this goal, Lester decides to go into the crucial game to manipulate .

But “Worm” is caught trying to give preference to his friend when giving cards. The result is that the two friends are beaten up and chased away. Mike only realizes the full extent of the problem when Lester reveals that Grama belongs to the KGB. “Worm” and Mike go their separate ways. Lester tries to escape while Mike tries to face his problems and find a solution to the debt problem. In another conversation with Grama, Mike cannot find a solution. An attempt to borrow Joey Knish’s money also fails. In a conversation with Knish, a flashback is told of a hand in which Mike beat the legendary poker professional Johnny Chan . The last attempt to find the money shows Mike in a conversation with his law professor Petrovsky. Petrovsky can’t give him the full $ 15,000, but at least he lends him a check for $ 10,000. To pay the remaining $ 5,000, Mike challenges KGB to compete in a heads-up game in the No-Limit Texas Hold’em game . At stake is $ 10,000. Mike wins and gets $ 20,000. KGB then orders Grama to take $ 15,000 from him to pay off his debts. KGB offers Mike to continue playing with the rest of the money. But Mike declines and is satisfied with the $ 5,000 remaining profit. After various threats, Mike realizes that he has no choice but to continue playing.

However, the blinds are doubled on the next round, increasing the risk. At first it looks like Mike is going to lose this time. But Mike recognizes a tell at KGB on an important hand . This enables him to fit with a good hand. KGB no longer understands the world and gets angry. KGB then goes into the notorious tilt mode . From then on, instead of making rational decisions, he tries to force happiness. This enables Mike to spin the game. In the last hand he beats KGB with a slow playthat leads to an all-in of KGB. Mike has a street and KGB is emotionally at the end. Grama tries to convince him to play another round, but KGB declines. When his thugs are about to beat Mike up for revenge, KGB stops them. He accepts that Mike beat him fairly . The total win of the KGB poker session is $ 60,000. The money is used to pay Lester’s outstanding debts at Chesterfield Club and Petrovsky’s credit. In the end, he has a little bit more left than the $ 30,000 he loses at the beginning of the film. Mike leaves the university, says goodbye to his exgirlfriend Jo and moves from New York to Las Vegas to take part in the World Series of Poker. The actors – who is playing? The Rounders line-up is absolutely top-notch.

Matt Damon plays Mike Dermott. His fraudulent buddy Lester “Worm” Murphy is portrayed by Edward Norton . The performances of these two performers are first class, but even more fascinating is John Turturro than Joey Knish. Gretchen Mol plays Mike’s girlfriend Jo. Famke Janssen got a supporting role in Rounders as Petra. As a Russian gangster KGB, John Malkovich plays as usual. The legendary Martin Landau appears as Professor Petrovsky . What role does gambling play in Rounders? The whole movie is about poker. It is important that poker is not just a game of chance, but has a big strategic factor . Otherwise Mike could not always get an advantage through his superior skills. But it is also shown that the luck factor in poker is high. Even if most of the scenes do not take place in a legal casino, it shows very nicely which psychological processes play a role in poker . Due to the high sums of money that are regularly played, the viewer can easily imagine the emotional tension that arises when playing. It is no coincidence that Rounders has achieved cult status as a poker film among poker players . Where was Rounders filmed? Most of the scenes for Rounders were shot in New York .

Only at the very end of the film does Las Vegas matter because Mike decides to attend the WSOP. The dark atmosphere of poker games in Rounders is probably typical of illegal games, but has nothing to do with the atmosphere in real casinos. But maybe that’s why it is so much fun to watch the excitingly filmed poker scenes. Fun fact: Rounders is a term from the poker world. Rounders are players who have mastered many different poker variations. This is almost standard for professional poker players, since the tables with the highest stakes in the big casinos in Las Vegas are mostly mixed games, in which several types of poker are played in a continuous cycle. Rounders is not a casino film in the sense that the setting is a casino. But poker is a classic casino game, so this movie should definitely be on the list of the best casino movies. Johnny Chan, two-time poker world champion , plays himself in some scenes in Rounders. According to his own information, Chan was only persuaded to appear because his daughter absolutely wanted to get to know the leading actor Matt Damon. Casino fans have to watch this film because … …

Rounders is a cult film for poker players. For one thing, there aren’t many films in which poker plays such a central role. On the other hand, the mentality of a real poker player is very nicely shown. Although Mike is at risk of life at times, he always sits at the poker table because he is convinced that he can solve all problems with it. In the end, he even lets his pretty girlfriend rush to find his luck at the World Series of Poker. It’s not hard to understand why so many poker players name Rounders as their favorite film. In a narrower sense it may not be a casino movie, but if you have a thing for poker you shouldn’t miss this movie. The Cooler The Cooler is a US film from 2003. Directed by Wayne Kramer, William H. Macy plays a very special unlucky person who not only has no luck himself, but can also transfer his misfortune to other people. This special talent makes him a valuable casino employee. The plot – what is The Cooler about? Bernie Lootz has been out of luck regularly all his life. This goes so far that he brings nothing but misfortune to people in his immediate surroundings. What is not particularly helpful in normal life can be extremely valuable in a casino. That’s why Bernie Lootz works as a “cooler” at the Shangri-La Casino .

But that was not entirely voluntary, because he has high gambling debts, which he pays off bit by bit with the job. The head of the casino is his supposed friend Shelly Kaplow, who ultimately only exploits him. Everyday work is easy for Bernie. He moves in the Shangri-La in a friendly and non-binding manner and observes the tables at which players get a winning streak. As soon as he realizes that a player wins too much, he goes to him and pretends to want to watch the game. The result is that the player suddenly loses . Sometimes Bernie is called to a table by Shelly or another member of the casino to stop a winning streak. It works amazingly well. At this point it should be pointed out that “The Cooler” plays with an old myth . Las Vegas used to have casinos where coolers worked. From a scientific point of view, it is of course completely nonsense to believe that there are people like Bernie who can transfer their own bad luck to other people. But that may not be crucial. Just like with astrology and homeopathy, it is more important that there are enough people who believe in it.

Ultimately, however, the story told in this film is an imaginatively told casino fairy tale . Bernie has only a few days left before he has fully targeted his gambling debts. Bernie looks forward to this moment. But Bernie is too valuable for the casino. That’s why Shelly hires the waitress, Natalie Belisario, with whom Bernie fell in love to give the notorious unlucky one reason to stay in Las Vegas. Bernie is surprised that Natalie is interested in him, but is only too happy to get involved. He tells her that Shelly once broke his kneecap because of his debts. But instead of complaining about it, he claims that he is grateful for it, because due to this drastic act he could have ended his gambling addiction. Natalie finds out that Bernie is a nice and warm person. On the first night Natalie falls in love with Bernie, although the physical approach is anything but promising. The scene is particularly beautiful when Bernie wakes up alone in bed after the first night and is convinced that Natalie has left.

But the lady is only in the bathroom and when she comes out, she asks Bernie if he wants breakfast. Young love has a special effect. Suddenly Bernie is lucky and brings happiness to other people. It is therefore no longer well suited for work in the casino. On the contrary: Barney helps some players to have great streaks of luck. This in turn becomes a huge problem for Shelly, who is already under pressure anyway. The Shangri-La belongs to the mafia. A modernization of the casino is planned, but Shelly is a traditionalist and does not want to change anything. As long as Shelly provides the necessary income, that’s not a problem. But when the cooler runs hot, Shelly gets great difficulties with his superiors. Suddenly, Mikey, Bernie’s son, appears with his pregnant girlfriend. Mikey asks his father for money, which he finally gives him. Mikey uses the money to play high amounts at the dice table in ShangriLa. At first he wins huge amounts, but then he notices that he is playing wrong.

The result is that Shelly’s thugs inflict various broken bones under Bernie’s eyes. Shelly loses control completely and thrashes Natalie. This causes Bernie to use his new luck to win $ 150,000 at the Shangri-La . With this amount, he first pays Mikey’s debts. With the rest, Bernie wants to start a new life with Natalie. But Shelly puts a contract killer on the two. However, there is no rescue for him. Due to poor management and huge losses, the mafia bosses decide to kill Shelly. However, that doesn’t stop Shelly’s hired assassin from chasing Bernie and Shelly. Disguised as a police officer, assassin Bernie and Natalie stop in the middle of the desert. The two have to get out of the car and kneel down. At the latest, the two realize that it is not a real police officer. But there is still a happy ending, because the only unlucky person has become a real lucky kid . At the last moment, a drunk runs over the assassin, who is about to kill the two protagonists with his pistol drawn.

The actors – who is playing? William H. Macy plays Bernie “The Cooler” Lootz. Probably no one could have played this role better than this brilliant actor who became world famous in 1996 with the film “Fargo”. His girlfriend is played in an enchanting way by Maria Bello . It is not easy to convince such an uneven pair. But because of the great acting of the two leading actors, it is easy for the audience to believe that a great love arises between the unlucky uncle and the beautiful waitress. Shelly Kaplow is by Alec Baldwinshown. For this role Baldwin was rightly nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” for the Oscar. He couldn’t win the coveted prize, but that in no way detracts from his outstanding performance. Baldwin manages to portray an extremely unappealing figure as a failing person. What role does gambling play in The Cooler? The Cooler shows a nostalgic, almost old-fashioned casino world. If you are interested in old Las Vegas, you get a pretty good idea of what the casinos probably looked like in the past. Gambling is ubiquitous as Bernie moves from one gamble to another in his job. You can see the classic games like roulette, craps (dice) and blackjack . Bernie also shows what he can do on slot machines . This casino movie can also be a charming parody of the many myths that are common among gamblers . Many players actually believe there is such a thing as lucky streak and bad streak. This is not scientifically tenable, but it is difficult to act against such beliefs.

The Cooler takes this myth to the extreme and that’s great to look at, especially because of the outstanding cast. Where was The Cooler filmed? The Shangri-La is a fictional casino in Las Vegas. In fact, the film was mostly not shot in Las Vegas, but in Reno. The casino scenes were filmed at the Golden Phoenix Hotel , which has since been renamed Montage Reno. During the filming, renovations took place in this casino, so that it was possible to shoot the film completely undisturbed by the usual casino operations. An interesting detail: the entire crew and all members of the cast stayed on the second floor of the hotel while filming. Attentive viewers will notice that Las Vegas rarely appears in the film. Only a few aerial tracking shots show that Las Vegas is the scene. Interesting for casino historians: In the credits of the film, three real casinos are blown up in Las Vegas: the Aladdin, the Sands, the Landmark and the Dunes. Fun Fact:

There are some subtle details during Bernie’s transformation from unlucky to lucky. In the beginning, William H. Macy wore ill-fitting suits in dark colors. With every positive turn, Bernie’s suits get better and the colors brighter. This is only noticeable to a very attentive viewer, but the psychological effect also appeals to the subconscious. Along with Macy’s subtle game, Bernie’s transformation is credibly portrayed with little effect. Casino fans have to watch this film because … … The Cooler presents a wonderful casino atmosphere and follows an old myth. Old Las Vegas may have really looked like the Cooler. Above all, however, are the performance that make this casino film a great event. William H. Macy plays the transition from eternal unlucky to astonishing lucky guy with a matter of course that is impressive in every way.Maria Bello’s performance is also excellent. Through her playing, she lets the viewer understand why she falls in love with a supposed loser like Bernie. Last but not least, Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of Shelly Kaplow is a small sensation.

The scene in which Shelly understands that there is no way out for him is particularly impressive. The Cooler is often overlooked, but if you’re looking for a romantic movie in a casino setting, you should definitely watch this casino movie. Owning Mahowny Owning Mahowny is a British-Canadian film from 2003. Directed by Richard Kwietniowski, Philip Seymour Hoffman shows how a normal man who seems to be in the midst of life leads a double life as a gambling addict and gets on the wrong track. The plot – what is Owning Mahowny about? Dan Mahony is a staid bank employee who is particularly notable for his work through diligence and conformity. His first-class performance means that he is promoted occasionally. But that doesn’t make him change his lifestyle. Together with his equally staunch girlfriend Belinda, he leads a life that doesn’t look particularly exciting, at least from the outside. Finally, Mahony is even promoted to the board by the board of directors. As the youngest member of the board, he has reached a preliminary high point in his career . The film is told in flashbacks. At the beginning it is shown how Dan Mahony sits in front of a psychologist and tells him about his life as a player. It quickly becomes clear that Mahony lives a second life besides everyday banking. Mahony is addicted to games and willing to do anything to address this addiction. One of the first flashbacks shows Dan trying to offset his horse betting debt to Frank Perlin by trying to get bigger sums than credit through his privileged position in the bank. With the money he receives in this way, he also finances various trips to Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Victor Foss, one of the casino owners, has made it his business to keep the high rollers happy. That is why he studies Dan Mahony regularly when visiting his casino. He notices that this player doesn’t change his behavior, regardless of whether it’s a big win or a big loss. Mahony foregoes everything if he can sit at the gaming table.The passionate player can even do without food and sleep for a surprisingly long time if he goes about his addiction. His private life is also affected. One time a scene is shown in which his girlfriend is sitting in a hotel room and waiting for him. Meanwhile, Mahony sits at a roulette table and completely loses touch with reality. This logically leads to him having relationship problems.

Another problem arises from Dan playing with bigger and bigger sums of money. In order to finance these amounts, he has to embezzle money. With the growing sums, Mahony is becoming increasingly popular in the casinos he visits. But he is not interested in all the luxury he is offered. A simple meal is enough. Otherwise, he just wants to be left alone. For example, he rejects drugs, alcohol and even sex just to be able to devote himself to gambling. In the casinos he soon got the nickname “ice man”because he hardly shows any emotion when playing. Mahony is solely focused on the game. He doesn’t care about anything else around him. While playing, he enters a tunnel and barely notices the reality around him. At least on this point, he hardly differs from a top athlete who hides the outside world in order to achieve top performance. Bernie is a great customer for casino operators , especially as the stakes continue to skyrocket . But Bernie, a casino employee, gets to know what’s really going on and, after a stroke of luck, gives Dan the advice to stop with the $ 9 million he just won. However, this advice, as well as it is meant, is completely ineffective. The only success is that Bernie is fired. Dan continues to play and of course loses so that he ends up leaving the table with more debts. At some point his girlfriend realizes that Dan has a problem with gambling addiction. She confronts him, but Dan doesn’t want to hear about it. In addition, the successful bank clerk is clever enough to cover up his traces of fraud. Although there is a revision in the bank, no one finds evidence of misappropriated funds. This makes Dan feel empowered.

He is also convinced on this point that he is not addicted to gambling. His only problem is the debt, which he will settle soon. Dan’s fate is that the police will start listening to Frank Perlin at some point because they assume the racing team owner is manipulating horse bets. It is only by chance that the police become aware of Dan Mahowny , who repeatedly places bets with Frank Perlin. However, due to the high stakes, they don’t think Mahowny is a player, but a drug dealer. The result of the investigations is that the bank also takes another close look. It reveals that Dan has embezzled a total of $ 10.2 million . As a result, various bank employees are fired and Dan is arrested. Amazingly, his girlfriend Belinda doesn’t leave him. During the therapy there is obviously a need for self-awareness, so Dan is willing to tackle the addiction from now on. Belinda and Dan get married. But luck is short-lived, because Dan has to go to prison for six years for what he does. But even the casino in which Dan played mostly does not get away without a (small) penalty (player protection!). The casino is closed for a full day due to a violation of the casino regulations. According to the credits, this day goes down in history as “Dan Mahowny Day”. The actors – who is playing? Philip Seymour Hoffman was without a doubt one of the best actors of his generation. In Owning Mahowny it shows an incredibly impressive performance. Hoffman does without big gestures and emotions. Instead, the entire development of the addict becomes apparent in small, subtle changes in facial expressions. A look in the face of Owning Mahowny reveals to the viewer at all times how the character is really doing.

There is hardly any other actor who could have played this role almost as reserved and yet convincing at the same time. Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of the great acting geniuses in film history. In this casino film he shows all his skills. Minnie Drivers are in the supporting rolesas his girlfriend Belinda and John Hurt worth mentioning as Victor Foss. But ultimately Owning Mahowny is above all a one man show by the brilliant Philip Seymour Hoffman. What role does gambling play in Owning Mahowny? The negative side of gambling is at the center of the film. The viewer is impressively shown how an ordinary person becomes a gambling addict who is ready to take gigantic risks. Despite this negative story, the game is also interesting for gambling fans who want to focus more on the positive aspects. The casino scenes are presented very realistically. Especially at the beginning it is a lot of fun to watch the player Dan Mahowny. Later, the fun turns into pity when the viewer understands that Mahowny is a driven person who doesn’t enjoy playing himself. Owning Mahowny can also be an alternative to The Gamblerbe seen. Both films are about a gambling addict, but the films and the main actors could hardly be more different. Where was Owning Mahowny filmed? Owning Mahowny was filmed in Toronto, Canada and Atlantic City. There is no further information about the casinos in the film. However, it is probably a replica of the casino rooms in the studio. It is also known that many alleged scenes that are said to take place in a casino were filmed in various buildings in Toronto. Ultimately, however, it is important that an atmospheric atmosphere is created that fits well with the very realistic depiction of the player by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Fun Fact:

The casino film Owning Mahowny is based on a book template. In “Stung: The Incredible Obsession of Brian Molony” the author Gary Stephen Ross tells a true story. Brian Molony was a gambling addict who hit the headlines for a “one man bank fraud” in Canada in 1982. The book became a big bestseller in 1987. There is an exciting detail to the real “Owning Mahowny”: After his term in prison, Molony Linie no longer had a problem with gambling addiction. Instead, he married his girlfriend and was hired as a consultant in a company that deals with the detection of financial fraud on behalf of private companies. Casino fans have to watch this film because … … Philip Seymour Hoffman is an absolute sensation as an actor. Owning Mahowny shows a gambling addict who does not lead an excessive lifestyle or otherwise stands out. At first glance, the film may even be a bit boring at times because nothing special happens. But for sensitive viewers who pay attention to the subtle play by Philip Seymour Hoffman, whole worlds open up. Anyone who is interested in gambling addiction in any form should take a look at Owning Mahowny. The detailed character study reveals more about this topic than many psychological textbooks. For casino fans there are also many interesting show values that would be exciting even without the explosive topic of gambling addiction. Conclusion / outlook The search for recommended casino films is worthwhile because there are some great films in which gambling plays a major role or a secondary topic. We can fully recommend all of the films presented to you.

They deliberately made sure to discuss very different casino films. For example, Rounders is an absolute must for poker players . If you want to see wild game passion, The Gambler is a top choice. Casino films are not only interesting for gambling fans. But it stands to reason that a roulette fan, a blackjack fan or a poker fan has a lot of fun watching a movie that focuses on casino games or at least makes up an important part of the atmosphere. What we currently lack in the collection is a great film about online casinos . All of the casino films presented are somehow related to land-based casinos. Sometimes they are illegal casinos. But the online casinos, which are much more important to most gambling fans than land-based providers these days, don’t seem to be interesting enough for screenwriters and film producers. But with the necessary creativity, it would certainly be possible to make this topic a great film too. A film with this would also attract many young casino fans to the cinemas. But until then, you should have a good time with our featured casino films. We hope you enjoy it

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